1966-G/G-661021-OP-1-FAMOUS 'ZEBRA MAN' Concert Poster-FINEST KNOWN CONDITION CENSUS! CGC Graded 9.6

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We'll be the first to admit we do a lot of talking here about the desirability of vintage psychedelic concert posters! This is our passion and we're not shy about letting our enthusiasm and excitement for this material shine through. That being said this lot and the legendary Grateful Dead "Acid Drop" poster also featured in this sale are universally recognized as two of the Top 10 coolest and most desirable 1960's concert posters ever produced!

All posters from the Grande Ballroom are highly sought after and very collectible. Why? Because these posters were printed in extremely small runs of just 500 the Grande Ballroom was the epicenter of the 60’s scene in the upper Midwest and the artistic quality of the artworks rivals anything done out west. 

This is just the THIRD poster ever issued in the series and is nearly 52 years old. It is quite large and very easily damaged. This is the FIRST CGC graded example to EVER be offered to the collecting public. It is without a doubt the finest we have ever seen or handled and in a different universe quality wise to the ONE or TWO restored copies we have tracked over the past FIFTEEN YEARS of auction results!

The quality and eye appeal of this example is simply staggering. The paper is super crisp the colors are ultra bright the corners are razor sharp! Viewing this poster in person is a special experience and we invite everyone reading this to visit our Gallery and see the poster for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

This poster is on the top of everyone's "Want List". Until today it has not been available in ANY conditon at ANY price. It will be interesting to see what value the market assigns to this exceedingly rare masterpiece at this time.

One thing is for sure whoever acquires this rarity now will be able to dictate whatever price they demand when it's their time to sell. There simply is no competition or comparable pieces to choose from.

We have tryed our best to educate the collecting community on how to enjoy maximum success in their collecting endeavors. In short we believe in having a plan that focuses on quality over quantity. We believe it's better to own one legendary poster instead of ten pedestrian issues. We believe in waiting patiently for the perfect pitch and stretching for the best of the best when "all the stars align"...like they do here.

It's a simple strategy. But just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. 

We adhere to this advice because this is what has proven successful for all the greatest collectors in every collectible marketplace. This is a true "Blue Chip" concert poster and as we all know these currently trade for a tiny fraction of what comparable collectibles trade for. We're talking literally pennies on the dollar. To us acquiring this poster is a "no brainer" decision that will instantly transform your collection to World Class...even if this is the very first and last concert poster you ever end up owning and enjoying. 

Quality and rarity are remembered long after price is forgotten! We are still in the VERY EARLIEST DAYS of this rapidly growing market. It's not often you get to know the results of a race before it's run! But if history repeats itself... like it always has in the past.. the collector that emerges victorious now will be seen as very prescient indeed. The extra couple clicks neeeded to best the competition now will have melted away with time and seem utterly irrelevant. 

All that will remain is this legendary masterpiece in virtually unimprovable museum quality condition!

Estimate: $6 000-$12 000+

Poster – Grande Ballroom MC5 1966

Catalog #G/G-661021

Grade – CGC 9.6
Bands/Bill – MC5 Prime Movers Blues Band
Venue – Grande Ballroom
City – Detroit MI
Date – 10/21-22/66
Dimensions – 17 5/8” x 22 1/2”
Printing – OP-1 Original Pre-Concert First Printing

Series/Promoter – Russ Gibb

Artist – Gary Grimshaw

Condition Details – Superb in every way. The finest we have ever seen handled or auctioned. Obviosuly there are no nicks cuts tears pinholes or restoration of any kind. Crisp paper bright colors razor sharp pinpoint corners. POSSIBLE FINEST KNOWN!

*****This poster is available for inspection at our gallery by appointment. *****