1965-AOR 2.36-OHB-A-S.F. Mime Troupe Appeal II Concert Handbill-ULTRA SCARCE! HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT! FINEST OFFERED! CGC Graded 9.8

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Every so often in collectibles a true MIRACLE presents itself to the collecting community. This lot easily fits into this category. This cataloger has personally turned $1 000 000 into over $8 000 000 by collecting MIRACLE items exactly like this. These are DOCUMENTED RESULTS that are a matter of public record.


What is a miracle item? Our definition is simple. An item that is so historically important and desirable that it can be clearly explained to ANYONE walking down the street that knows nothing about collectibles IN ONE SENTENCE. Here's the sentence describing this lot:


This is a FINEST KNOWN CONDITION CENSUS example of this scarce handbill to ever appear in any public auction!


Now let's break that ONE SENTENCE down and examine it in further detail. 


Spectacular Rarity. In collectibles there are two types of rarities...condition rarities and absolute rarities. Condition rarities are items that are plentiful in existence but are rare in a particular condition. Absolute rarities are items that are rare in ANY condition. This lot is the latter. Just a handful of these handbills are known to exist in ANY condition. This means that while there are literally thousands of early Fillmore collectors around the world building collections only a few can have the satisfaction of owning this item. 


Finest Known Condition Census. We started off describing this lot as a MIRACLE item. It's a MIRACLE because not only is this one of just handful known it is also must be included in any FINEST KNOWN CENSUS. 


It is well known that when it comes to the very rarest and most valuable collectibles third party grading uses MUCH tighter and more conservative grading standards than are normally utilized. This is true for ALL third party grading of ALL collectibles. Why? The answer is simple.


When it comes to ultra rarities in finest known condition the third party graders know that the item will command a massive price commensurate with the importance desirability and rarity of the item. By being extra strict the third party graders are protecting the buyer and insuring that the quality "is all there and then some" so the buyer actually gets even more than they bargained for. 


This is indeed the case here. The quality of this lot is literally breathtaking when viewed in person. It really does take your breath away and we expect many visitors to visit our Gallery to see this lot in person. We see no real visible flaws. The paper is fresh and features razor sharp pinpoint corners. 


Priceless Value. MIRACLE items by their very definition are priceless in a literal sense. There is NO price. The reason there is no price is because there is nothing to compare them to. In cases such as this the item brings whatever the market will bear. Even more importantly every knowledgeable collector that operates in these rarefied heights understands that having no price is a benefit not a flaw.


This is because the owners of priceless items can name THEIR PRICE when the time comes to sell. The only hitch is the opportunity to own a one of a kind MIRACLE item only surfaces every few years and the advanced collector must be ready willing and able to "stretch" to win the prize when the rare opportunity presents itself. A well known collector axiom is "the opportunity to own MIRACLE items is often rarer than the item itself!"


For examples this cataloger has sold a one of a kind item for $2.35 million which made national headlines that can be acquired in damaged condition for $40 000 a finest known item for $975 000 that can be acquired for $35 000 in damaged condition a finest known item for $1 150 000 that can be acquired damaged for $40 000. etc.etc.


Clearly the market for vintage concert posters has not matured enough for the finest known examples of items to bring these type of multiples compared to lesser quality examples. But eventually they will and herein lies the opportunity.


In EVERY market their are people with the means and desire to only own THE BEST. For these people second best is not nearly good enough. As more and more collectors enter the marketplace and as word spreads about the availability of third party authentication and grading of this material we believe the premiums for MIRACLE items will skyrocket. Indeed this is NOT A PREDICTION it is a statement of FACT happening now on a daily basis.


As an aside the market for vintage concert handbills and postcards has been exploding in recent times. These items have traditionally been far easier to counterfeit than concert posters. The introduction of CGC grading and authentication has brought much needed integrity to this marketplace. To top it off the CGC packaging of these handbills is superb. 


How I turned $1 000 000 into over $8 000 000 in collectibles. This lot description began with the statement that this cataloger has personally turned $1 000 000 into $8 000 000 in collectibles by doing nothing but buying and holding. This was achieved with a VERY simple two part strategy. 1) I bought one of a kind MIRACLE items. My sole criteria for a MIRACLE item was an item of unsurpassed rarity condition and historical importance that could be explained to a layman in ONE SENTENCE. 2) When I identified such an item I ALWAYS paid what everyone agreed was "too much" to acquire it.


I bought an item for $121 000 that everyone said was only worth $80 000 that I sold for $975 000. I bought an item for $200 000 that I sold for the aforementioned $2.35 million that everyone was convinced was worth only $110 000. I bought an item for $125 000 that everyone was convinced was worth $75 000 that I sold for $795 000. The average holding time on these items was 15 years.


I can assure you while the premiums I paid at the time seemed HUGE they were not even remembered years later especially compared with the premiums received. All anyone asked me when I sold was "How did you wind up with a collection like this it seems impossible for one person to have 7 items of this rarity and value?"


The strategy and experience described above is NOT unique. In fact it is well known and has been used successfully over and over again by ALL the world's most successful collectors . Like many things in life it is SIMPLE but NOT EASY.


The opportunity that this lots presents perfectly fits into this strategy and that's why the effort has been made to clearly outline and explain it. We wish to invite EVERYONE to our Gallery to view this MIRACLE item in person. We want to offer everyone the same opportunity to see this amazing historical artifact even though just one special collector will prevail and have the opportunity to be it's next owner.


Handbill – San Francisco Mime Troupe Appeal II

Grade – CGC 9.8

Bands/Bill – The Great Society Jefferson Airplane The Mystery Trend The Gentleman’s Band John Handy Quintet Many More

Venue – Fillmore Auditorium

City – San Francisco CA

Date – 12/10/1965

Dimensions - 7 5/32” x 9 13/32”

Printing – OHB-A Original Pre-Concert First Printing

AOR #2.36

Condition Details – Must be considered in any FINEST KNOWN CENSUS. Superb Museum Quality that is unimprovable in every way. Of course there are no nicks cuts tears or pinholes! 100% Original with no restoration.


*****This handbill is available for inspection at our gallery by appointment. *****


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