1969–Altamont Speedway-Rolling Stones—PAE graded Fine 69

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The notorious Rolling Stones concert at the Altamont Speedway  in December of 1969 is legendary on many levels. Having been documented in the 1970 film” Gimme Shelter” the events of the concert are well known to even casual fans. The tragic outcome of the concert symbolically marked the end of 1960’s counterculture.

The planning and permits were finalized so near to the event that there was no time for a properly executed promotion and advertising plan.  As a result there was very little time to produce and distribute well  made posters. The poster is clearly a rush job using a stock photo from the period and amateurish layout and design. There is also no ticket information. These posters were used for last minute promotion and also sold merchandise at the concert.

This poster being offered is one of the “Holy Grails” of  Rock poster collecting. Only a handful of these posters exist. The poster was printed in two color schemes a yellow /Green version and this orange version.

This copy has been in the hands of it’s original owner since the time of the concert. They retrieved it from a  shop window of a Sausalito Leather shop named The Scalp Lock owned by Frank Berry. The lineage of this poster is  rock solid.

  • Poster – Rolling Stones Altamont Speedway (Orange Version)
  • Grade – PAE Fine 69
  • Bands/Bill – The Rolling Stones Jefferson Airplane
  • Venue – Altamont Speedway
  • City – Livermore California
  • Date - 12/6/69
  • Dimensions – 12 7/16” x 18 7/8”
  • Printing – OP-1 (Original First Printing)
  • Paper – Super Thin
  • Condition Details- The piece was folded into quarters so there are vertical and horizontal creases and the midpoint & moderate handling throughout. There are three holes in the top center & tape pulls on the reverse. There are six nicks on the left edge and three ¼” tears on the left edge. The top right corner is creased with three small tears on the top edge . There tape residue on the top corners. 


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