1969–Lot of three assorted ’69 headshop posters—PAE graded Mint “97”

closed on Friday, August 30, 2013

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THe commcecially produced posters coming from the San Francisco presses f were of high qualityt as opposed to lame nationally distributed mass produced products. This lot includes some  examples of very nice prints in amazing mint condition.

Alice in Wonderland with its fantastical plot wild imagery and clear psychoactive references has been embraced by the counter culture nearly since its inception. In the sixties Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” brought this connection to the very front of our collective conscience and artwork of the time reflects this. 

  • Poster - Wonderland
  • Grade – PAE Near Mint 89
  • Dimensions - 13  5/8” x 20”
  • Artist – Tom Cervenak- Tom Cornell
  • Printer – San Francisco Impulse 
  • Condition Details- The top right corner has a ¼” corner bump that lightly breaks the ink. 
This piece is a standard three month calendar with a psychedelic flare. Both the shapes and the lettering in the actual calendar are indicative of the time clearly borrowing heavily from poster artists of the time and the background a cascading rainbow paisley.
  • Poster – Calendar Page
  • Grade – PAE Near Mint 87
  • Date – 1-3/67
  • Dimensions - 14 3/16” x 21 7/8”
  • Artist – Carson Morris
  • Condition Details- There are three small nicks on the bottom edge and a bottom right corner bump. 

This piece is clearly authentic but we are not exactly sure of the context. It seems to be a reference to the classic Nancy Sinatra Tune “These Boots are made for Walkin”.

  • Poster – These Boots Were Made For Stompin’
  • Grade – PAE Near Mint 87
  • Dimensions - 14 1/32” x 20”
  • Artist – Silver Skinni Smith
  • Condition Details- There is a very light bottom right and top left corner bump. There are no nicks cuts tears pinholes or restoration of any kind.  

Note : The posters in this lot will not be sealed in our  usual certification holder. They are  however covered by our 30 day full return guarantee.

*****These Posters are available for inspection at our gallery by appointment. *****