1971-Jenison Field House-Grateful Dead Concert Poster-POSSIBLE FINEST KNOWN-PAE Graded Mint 95

closed on Friday, December 1, 2017

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Wow! Wow! Wow! We are delighted to offer one of the very rarest and most sought after posters from one of the greatest  Dead tours of all time IN THE FINEST KNOWN CONDITION that we have ever seen handled or heard about. The provenence of this poster is unimprovable as it comes from the grandson of the promoter! In early 1971 just months after the release of Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty The Dead played at Michigan State University in East Lansing. This was a peak definitive time in Dead history and legendary songs such as Bertha Deal Loser and Birdsong were introduced for the very first time. 

A tiny quantity of these posters were produced to promote the show and we have registered 3 auction appearances in the past 10 years! In fact this poster is so valuable and highly sought after that it was pirated in an attempt to cash in on the high values and to fulfill the large unmet collector demand. 

PAE discovered the forgery and reported the details in our Blog. We did extensive research on the pirate and fake copies are easy to identify. The paper stock on the forgeries is much thicker. The front of the counterfeit poster has been artificially aged and the back is unnaturally bright white. We have a copy of the bootleg on hand in our Gallery for authentication purposes and we invite you to visit and see the forgery for yourself. The contrast between the fake and the real thing is drastic.

The copy we offer now is a true museum piece. It is totally original and it’s authenticity is guaranteed in writing as is every poster we sell. This is the strongest guarantee of authenticity offered anywhere. 

This lot is vastly superior in quality to the previous two copies we have auctioned and the one other example we have identified. It is in pristine Museum Quality condition with no nicks cuts tears or pinholes. Just the slightest trace of handling keeps this from the higher 97 grade. It is substantially better than the copy we sold in January of 2014 for $3400 that was graded PAE 79. It is even vastly superior to the other example we auctioned for $5474 that we graded PAE 85 in 11/2016 . The only other auction appearance we have found in the past 10 years occurred in November of 2014 where this rarity brought $4400. That piece was descibed as having a significant tear and multiple pinholes. 

There is a saying in collectibles that sometimes the opportunity to buy a rarity is even rarer than the item itself. This is one of those situations. This is also an example of why Vintage Concert Posters represent such ridiculously cheap bargains compared to any other collectible today. Coins comic books and baseball cards of comparable rarity ( A handful known) and historical importance would trade for $25 000 - $100 000. This poster will sell for a tiny fraction of that and one lucky collector will walk away with a steal regardless of what this lot ultimately brings.

Poster-Grateful Dead Jenison Field House
Grade- PAE Mint 95
Bands/Bill-Grateful Dead
Venue-Jenison Field House
City-East Lansing MI
Dimensions-17 31/32 x 24 1/16
Printing-OP-1- Original Pre-Concert First Printing
Artist-Hugh Surratt Jr.
Series/Promoter- Michigan State U
Paper Type- Thin paper
Condition Details- Superb Museum Quality condition. Vastly superior in quality to the 3 previously auctioned examples. Very slight traces of handling keep this from the flawless 97 grade.. There are no nicks cuts tears pinholes or restoration of any kind. Unimprovable provenance this poster comes from the grandson of the promoter.

*****This poster is available for inspection at our gallery by appointment. *****