1968– The Factory-Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Poster-FIRST AUCTION APPEARANCE-PAE Graded Excellent “79”

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In the collectibles marketplace there is rare and then there is IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. There is desirable and then there is ONE OF A KIND! In posters there are great bands and then there is HENDRIX! This lot offers the advanced collector a HOLY GRAIL MUSEUM PIECE that will instantly become the cornerstone and highlight of whatever collection it resides.

We are pleased to offer for the very first time at auction an exceedingly rare copy of this Jimi Hendrix Experience concert poster from  1968. Rare Hendrix posters have ALWAYS been the most coveted amongst collectors and the lot offered here is as rare as they come.

By all accounts The Factory was a wonderful small club in Madison Wisconsin. The club held 750 concertgoers and Hendrix played two sold out shows on February 27 1968. The concerts were reported to be epic and can be found in their entirety on the web.

The story behind this poster is an interesting one.

The artist Brad Cantrell was a high school student who submitted artwork to a local underground newspaper.  The promoter of the concert saw Brad's art and asked him to design the poster for the concerts.  According to a reliable source Jimi liked the poster a great deal and asked to meet the artist. Brad was brought back stage and Hendrix told him he loved the poster because it had an image of Abraham Lincoln with him on the same poster.

In addition to possessing extreme rarity this poster has amazing artwork and eye appeal and remains in fantastic conditon 49 years after it was produced. Despite having been "put up" the colors are bright and the paper is fresh. Pinholes in the corners one slight tear and some handling are the only flaws. See details below.

The key to building a World Class collection is having the wherewithal to act when opportunity presents itself. Clearly this lot represents an opportunity that may not present itself again--if ever--for MANY years to come. When faced with this type of circumstance it's difficult to determine what current market value will be. Because of this usually selllers of this type of material are unwilling to leave the price realized up to market forces. They insist on selling privately--only if their price demands are met--to a network of insiders--never giving the general collecting public a fair chance to participate.

This is not the case here and everyone will have the same fair chance to add this amazing rarity to their collection. Whatever value is assigned to this poster we are highly confident that it will bring much joy to the winning bidder now and even more with each passing year.

Poster – Jimi Hendrix Experience The Factory

Grade – PAE Excellent “79”

Bands/Bill – Jimi Hendrix Experience The Soft Machine
Venue –The Factory
City – Madison WI
Date – 2/27/68
Dimensions – 17 17/32 X 22 17/32”

Printing – OP-1 Original Pre-Concert First Printing

Series/Promoter- Kaleidoscope Inc.

Artist – Brad Cantrell
Paper Type – Thin smooth stock

Condition Details-  Single tack hole top right corner a stretched tack hole left top corner two tiny holes top left two small holes in each of the bottom corners. One inch crease bottom left corner tiny edge tear at the top of said crease. Traces of handling and crease left edge.

*****This poster is available for inspection at our gallery by appointment. *****