1966-FD-7-OP-2-Avalon Ballroom-Daily Flash Euphoria Concert Poster-SIGNED-POSSIBLE FINEST KNOWN-CGC Graded 8.5

closed on Friday, June 16, 2017

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This poster is signed by the artist Wes Wilson.

Your wait is over! We are proud to offer the very FIRST CGC graded example and possibly the finest known example  of the famous and ultra rare FD-7 "Euphoria" concert poster! This is without a doubt the finest quality FD-7 OP-2 to ever appear at public auction. There are two pre-concert Original Printings. The OP-1 is black and white and the OP-2 version offered here. Combined less than 500 posters were created and Eric King considers this to be on the same level rarity wise as the FD-1 and the FD-2.

Pardon the pun but this is a poster child for why you need to buy posters that have been independently authenticated and graded by CGC. Why? Because this poster has exactly one tiny pinhole and that pinhole is completely hidden. The fibers of the paper cover the pinhole making it all but impossible to detect. The pinhole is in the upper left corner. Other than that the only flaws are a few toning spots in the lower right corner and two barely noticeable spots under the feet of the crazy man at center. A few small random spots are also evident on the back. That's it! There are no nicks cuts tears or restoration!

Experienced collectors know that the road to collecting success is pathed by acquiring one-of-a-kind pieces that are literally priceless. They are priceless because there is nothing else to compare it to. When these extreme rarities come to market it is incumbent on each collector to make their own determination as to value. This takes some experience .... and a whole lot of imagination. Invariably the person who values the one-of-a-kind item the highest ends up with the prize. While this seems obvious what happens next is not.

It is often said in collector circles that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Whatever "extra" you are forced to stretch for this poster will be insignificant years from now but the desirabilty and appeal of this poster will have grown substantially. Once you own a one-of-a-kind piece you are in the driver's seat. The value of your collectible is not dependent on what other similiar pieces trade for. Because there are none. When the time comes to sell you are entitled to attach whatever value you wish to ask or you can allow the market participants to detemine the value through another auction. Either way the odds are strongly in your favor that you will be overwhelmed with the outcome!

It will be interesting to learn what value is attached to this poster now and what collector emerges victorious with the prize. A one of a kind poster and a one of a kind opportunity whose potential should not be underestimated in any way.

Poster – Daily Flash Avalon Ballroom

Catalog # – FD-7 Euphoria

Grade – CGC 8.5

Bands/Bill – Daily Flash Rising Sons Big Brother & the Holding Company Charlatans

Venue- Avalon Ballroom

City – San Francisco California

Date – 5/6&7/66

Dimensions- 14”x 20”

Printing- OP-2 (Original Pre-concert Second Printing)

Artist – Wes Wilson

Series/Promoter – Family Dog

Paper Type – Vellum

Condition Details - See above

*****This poster is available for inspection at our gallery by appointment. *****