1966 FD-1 Jefferson Airplane Big Brother Fillmore Auditorium Original Handbill CGC 9.6

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We are proud to offer the collecting community this HIGH GRADE condition, CGC authenticated example of the highly sought after FD-1 Original Handbill!


This high-quality handbill was printed to promote one of the most significant events in the blossoming San Francisco music scene of 1966. In February of that year, Bill Graham would sign a lease for the Fillmore Auditorium. For the next two months, he shared the stage with Family Dog Productions, who under the direction of Chet Helms were staking their claim to an eager new audience. By April, it was evident that The Family Dog needed to take up residence elsewhere. That's when they opened the Avalon Ballroom at Sutter and Van Ness for rock shows. The two venues offered different atmospheres that reflected each individual's perspective and style.

The Tribal Stomp poster and handbill was created by artist Wes Wilson, and promoted a performance by Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother and the Holding Company at the Fillmore on February 19, 1966. The Native American theme was suggested by Helms, who also served as art director for the organization at the time.

The Family Dog (FD) series of posters are the most difficult to locate and the most feverishly collected of the San Francisco Dance Halls. The aesthetic of the early FD pieces is appealing and quirky, and the quantities are painfully scarce. The FD-1 is THE KEY to the series. The posters and handbills are in high demand & scarce supply. However, the intangibles of this item are what makes it so special to collectors as it's more than just a #1, it's ground zero! 

As a collectible, this first printing Handbill is of the strongest quality, receiving a CGC grade of 9.6.

The original handbill was printed in 3 colors:

White Paper Variant - OHB-A (like the one you seen here)
Yellow Paper Variant - OHB-B
Blue Paper Variant - OHB-C


PAE has sold each variant with the following results:

OHB-A (White) CGC 8.5 sold for $4,000 in November 2016.

OHB-B (Yellow) CGC 9.6 sold for $16,200 in August 2019.

OHB-C (Blue) in April 2019 a CGC 7.0 sold for $9,000 and a CGC 5.0 sold for $3600 in September 2021.


Get your bets in early on this dog race, it's bound to be a fun finish.


--TITLE: FD-1 Jefferson Airplane Fillmore Handbill
--GRADE: 9.6
--PERFORMERS: Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother & The Holding Company
--VENUE: Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
--DATE: 2/19/1966
--PRINTING: OHB-A; Original Pre-Concert First Printing Handbill (white paper version)
--SIZE: 5.5 x 8.5


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