1966 FD-33 Grateful Dead Avalon RP4 Poster 10

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This perfect CGC High Grade 10 post-concert printing poster should be available for far less than an Original First Printing!

PLEASE NOTE: There were three original printings of this poster (OP-1, OP-2, and OP-3). This example is the First Official Reprint of this issue (RP-4), printed on a coated index paper. The "RP-4" numbering code is slightly misleading, as this is technically the FIRST reprint, and NOT the FOURTH reprint as the code would suggest.

The FD 33 is one of the most sought after Grateful Dead posters in the Avalon Series. This striking, yet simple design by Mouse and Kelly utilize the Family Dog logo in striking Green and Red.

--TITLE: Fd-33
--GRADE: 10
--PERFORMERS: Grateful Dead
--VENUE: Avalon
--CITY: San Francisco
--DATE: 11/04/66
--PRINTING: RP-4; RP4 Poster
--CGC SERIAL: 2510575004