1969 Orange Sunshine Card Signed Tim Scully

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PAE is excited to offer a genuine artifact from the history of psychedelic pharmacology, an original Orange Sunshine Delivery Card signed by "Sunshine Maker", Tim Scully. Tim was not originally a well known public figure like Ken Kesey or Tim Leary, However with his lab partner Nick Sand, the pair quietly produced hundreds of million doses of LSD with the idealistic intent of changing the world.

Psychedelic research was shunned for several decades after the 1960's but interest in the science of psychedelics has been revitalized in recent years. The 2018 publication of Michael Pollen's New York Times bestseller "How to change your mind" helped change the conversation. The book highlights various studies that showcase the power of psychedelics in promising scientific studies.Ayahuasca, micro-dosing, decriminalization have become part of the mainstream conversation as the practical use of these substances has become more accepted .

But the story where it concerns us takes us to the mid nineteen sixties. That brief period in history where a community of bohemians in San Francisco gave birth to the first psychedelic era. The fuel for that experiment was supplied by Augustus Stanley Owsley III a modern day renaissance man who was a true iconoclast. Owsley, through his connection to the Grateful Dead, pioneered groundbreaking advances in audio engineering. However it was his meticulous laboratory skills and an innovative creative mind that earned him the legendary title as finest manufacturer of LSD that the world has known. Owsley's proteges in acid making were Tim Scully and Nick Sand.The duo tweaked Bears recipe to mass production levels and according to legend they were responsible for manufacturing over 750 million hits of LSD. The Sunshine barrels were distributed by the "Brotherhood of Eternal Sunshine". The story is wonderfully told in the 2018 documentary "The Sunshine Makers".

In 2018 PAE had the good fortune of working with Tim as a consignor of a very rare 1966 Grateful Dead poster. Through his association with Owsley, Tim had an insider's view of the Dead in 1966 and lent a hand as sound engineer at the 1966 Troopers Club gig. Tim somehow saved a copy of the poster from that gig. It is the only dead poster credited to Bear. Tim's copy lived at the infamous "Windsor laboratory" where Sand and Scully worked their magic . As a result of that consignment Tim introduced us to David Mantel, the man behind the Sunshine Cards. David sold PAE a few of the Sunshine insert cards inscribed by Tim. We are offering one of the last remaining cards. A letter of provenance written by David is copied at the end of this listing and will be included with the card, but the the meat of the story of the cards is summarized below:

"In early 1969 I worked in the Windsor Lab where Tim Scully taught Nick Sand and myself the process for making very pure LSD which he had learned from Bear Stanley. The LSD was put in orange tablets, a tribute to the Vietnamese monks to suggest the color of their robes. In the market, it was known as "Orange Sunshine". I was paid for my work with a quantity of the LSD we made. I wanted to give it away, but in a more graceful manner than just handing out pills."

Tim Scully has inscribed and signed the card, "We tried to save the world. Tim Scully".

Personal items from the founding fathers of psychedelic culture fetch powerful sales when offered to the public. Items from Albert Hoffman, Tim Leary, Stanley Owsley are super scarce and valuable. PAE has auctioned both the butterfly cards and insert cards over the years. The latter of which sold for $2,542.00 in February 2018. The card is printed on textured index paper. The card is certified authentic and backed by the PAE lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

--TITLE: Brotherhood Of Eternal Love Orange Sunshine Tim Scully
--GRADE: PAE Mint 91
--CITY: San Francisco
--DATE: 1969
--DIMENSIONS: 4.88 in. x 3.88 in.
--PRINTING: Original Card