1967 AOR-2.350 Joint Show Moore Gallery RP CGC 8.5

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This beautiful large poster is late great artist Alton Kelley's contribution to the 1967 Joint show. The show featured the work of the big 5 poster artists of the day. The exhibition was held at the Moore gallery in San Francisco on 7/17/67. This reprint poster offers the same popular and iconic art (with Pigpen!) for far less than a First Print currently commands!Please note: There were three printings of this poster (OP-1 OP-2 and RP-3) The OP-2 was on foil paper. This example here is the First Official Reprint of this issue (RP-3) printed on a glossy white paper. The RP-3 numbering code on the CGC slab is slightly mis-leading as this is technically the first reprint and NOT the third reprint as the code would suggest.

--TITLE: Aor-2.350
--GRADE: 8.5
--PERFORMERS: Joint Show
--VENUE: Moore Gallery
--CITY: San Francisco
--DATE: 07/01/67
--PRINTING: RP-3; Reprint Poster