1969–Swing Auditorium-Led Zeppelin—PAE graded Excellent '71'

closed on Friday, March 20, 2015

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Original Led Zeppelin posters are highly sought after by the most experienced collectors. The band epitomized Rock music and grew to larger than life proportions in a few short years. 

The Bands’ posters from their early years demand the high prices and hardly ever come up for sale. This is because this type of advertising was not nessesary after their first few years. The word spread quickly about Zeppelin and in short time they were selling out cavernous arenas &  stadiums around the world and the need to promote with posters was not a primary concern.

This poster  was used to promote a concert at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino California a now defunct 10 000 seat arena in southern California. 

 This is only the second time we have seen this poster offered for sale .We sold a severely damaged copy of this poster in our December 2013 sale for $1700 that poster was subsequently restored and sold for $3500 in another sale. This copy is in much better condition and in its original condition !

  • Poster – Led Zeppelin Swing Auditorium
  • Grade – Excellent "71"
  • Bands/Bill – Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull
  • Venue - Swing Auditorium
  • City – San Bernardino California
  • Date - 8/8/69
  • Dimensions – 11 3/32” x 17”
  • Printing – OP-1
  • Artist – Sokolis
  • Series/Promoter – Son Productions
  • Paper Type – Super Thin
  • Condition Details- There is a total of 9 holes in the poster. The poster had been folded into fourths so there is one horizontal and one vertical crease through the middle in addition to a small hole in the center. There is a 7/8” tear at the top of the vertical crease a 11/16” tear on the right edge of the horizontal crease a 13/32” tear on the left side of the horizontal crease and a 1 ¼” tear on the right side of the bottom edge. The top two corners are missing paper and there is a spot of missing paper on the bottom of the left edge. There is also a small smudge on the left edge just below the ‘L” in “Led”. 

*****This Poster is available for inspection at our gallery by appointment. *****